Friday, February 03, 2012

"I wanna stay home today...

...don't wanna go out." Stay Home by Self (from Shek Soundtrack).

Happy Friday! Do you have big Superbowl plans? I'm very excited for our little outing we have planned! I may even finally get to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy before the game!

Important historical fact of today among other things: on this day in 1815 the first commercial cheese factory was established, in Switzerland.  (A History of Cheese, if you care. Because apparently someone does.)

Izzy, the world's longest kitten, does not care about cheese.

And now, Linkage Trivia!!!

Imagine if Inception had been from the 1950s? Who would be cast as who? I'm fascinated by these re-imagined modern movies imagined as vintage movie posters with vintage casts.
Sometimes you just need to throw yourself a Pity Party.
My favorite new kitchen tool that I can't wait to acquire.
For my readers who are academically inclined (or challenged, though I know none of you are), here's a few well-thought-out note-taking tips.
A geode-inspired Whorled Felt Rug that I ADORE.
Current golden-age-of-hollywood rediscovered obsession, Myrna Loy.
(If you haven't seen The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, you MUST.)
Loving this Hip Hip hospitality kit.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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