Thursday, February 02, 2012

"If only I could have a friend...

...who'd stick with me until the end." The Puppy Song by Harry Nilson.

Special treat today! 

My dear friend the Pink Pixie from All The Lovely Particulars has agreed to do a special guest post that I hope will become a regular fixture here! If you haven't been following her delightful blog, you have been missing out! I adore her daily discoveries of lovely things and amusing anecdotes. 

Her kitty's name is Hermione ("cousin" to Izzy and Irony - they have a little webcam visit every Friday). I asked for a few of-the-moment lovely things using Hermione as the muse:

H is for Hermione, of course. Whether she is waking me up at an ungodly hour of the morning or teaching herself how to open cabinet doors, she makes sure I am never bored.
E is for Elephants, which I am completely and utterly in love with right now. Elephant hookselephant mobiles, the list could go on for days.
R is for Rubber Rain boots! It doesn't matter if they are the traditional English Wellies or foldable boots for the 21st century--I adore them in all forms!
M is for Modlife, the blog of the ever so popular I love their nail polish tutorials, recipes, and fun fashion ideas.
I is for ImagineNations. I just adore their cute decoupaged globes.

O is for all Owly thingsThese and these make me want to start knitting a pair for myself right away!
N is for Nail Polish! So many fun trends out there right now. I especially love Lynderella's collection of glitter polishes, but lately I have been enjoying the magnetic nail polish craze that just arrived from across the pond.
E is for EM Forster, one of my all time favorite authors. His knack for capturing magical moments places him among the top wordsmiths of the English language, and at the end of a bad day nothing quite cheers a girl up like A Room With a View and a pot of tea.

Much love!

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