Saturday, September 24, 2011

"La la la la la la la la la"...

..."That's not much of a song." "Well, I'm not that much of a singer!" Ridinghoods Anonymous from Fractured Fairytales (The salient part is at about 0:37, but the whole clip is one of my favorites. Warning! No one lives happily ever after!).

I don't know if you all noticed this, but I'm not much of a photographer. :) I have trouble keeping up with the actuality of what's happening enough without trying to document it as well. Also, I've been spoiled my whole life with an entourage following, taking pictures of my every move (and narrating) so I have been able to concentrate on other things, like making sure the soundtrack for this little production I live in. But alas, my entourage is back in the homeland, and I am forced to be my own narrator, photographer (as my sweetheart's expansive gifts and talents to not extend to that area--or perhaps it's just that his interests don't extend) as well as the soundtrack designer. Ah, to live and learn!

Flamingo photo my own, Nashville Zoo. Blouse from Anthropologie, Boots from Kate Spade, Earrings from Forever21, Satchel from Urban Outfitters.
So then, my lovelies, here is one small step for mankind, but one giant leap for me. It came about as we went to the zoo last week, and it gave me some inspiration. This is the result for your viewing pleasure!


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Marianne said...

Okay, love the photo. So fun!