Friday, September 23, 2011

"He just takes the tractor another round...

...pulls the plough across the ground, sends up a little prayer." Amarillo Sky by Jason Aldean.

My lovelies, food has been much on my mind lately. I am tired of the same 20 fruits and veggies at Wal-Mart! Give me seasons and imports and specialty stores!!! (I may have moved to the wrong place for that...) No, but seriously. I am very proud to show you some of the crops we came up with this year--and let me tell you, I did not inherit the green thumb!!! However, since tomatoes are practically native here (ok, maybe not, but they do grow awfully easy in KY) we'll focus on the crop that really made me proud...


Pictures by the author.
Yes, my dears, that is right, we had two entire, lovely squashes survive through all the dry and heat and tender ignorance given through the summer and...this was the delicious result!

And since we're talking about is football season for ya'll? I know grilling season is almost over, but for those of us who like to tailgate from the comfort of our climate-controlled kitchens, here's the absolutely most delicious topping for a burger!

1 white onion
Apx. 10 mushrooms
red or white wine - dry, not sweet

All you do is slice up the onion into delicious rings and the mushrooms into thin pieces, stir fry them (I just cook them in the same pan where my meat was cooked, so that they absorb the burger taste as well, but you can also use butter, veggie oil, or any other appropriate cooking oil) and then as soon they are tender...

Add a splash of wine for flavor...

 Watch the sizzle and slight browning of your yummy toppings, only leaving over heat long enough to make sure the wine cooks into the onions and mushrooms, salt and pepper to taste...

All photos by the author.
...then dump it over your burgers, with or without buns, and enjoy with the rest of your wine!

We found this particular wine in Lexington--and though I'm not much of a drinker myself, I HAD to try the Irony brand. :) I just adore the label!

Next stop for this bottle...candleholder with drippy red candles for our italian dinner nights! I'm super excited about this label--it's so appropriate for us. 

Final thing, here's the playlist for our delicious onion-mushroom-burger dinner:

La vie en Rose by Edith Piaf
Sh-Boom by The Chords
So Close by Jon McLaughlin
Mona Lisa by Nat King Cole (video is strange, but the song is lovely)
Young at Heart by Frank Sinatra


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