Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Turn a sky black into a sky blue...

...turn a close shave into a 'woohoo!'" 40 Dogs (Romeo and Juliette) by Bob Schneider

Hello, loves!

So in the next week or so we are moving into our townhouse!!! I'm so excited to be getting out of the dreamland. It's been a cramped little month, but it was good to have a place. I think Irony will be glad to get out of it too!

We did our final walk-through today to decide if we wanted it and overwhelmingly we decided we did. :) There was one moment where my husband stood in the living room with his arms open wide and said, "This room alone is bigger than the space we've lived in the last month!"


Soon you will get my breakdown of the ideal usage of our new space, along with my inspiration board pictures. :) But for now, here is the quaint blue-and-yellow exterior of our delightful townhouse!


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