Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Yes it's only a muslin sky...

...hanging over a cardboard tree." Paper Moon by Ella Fitzgerald.

So, I have been gainfully employing my time! It's been so much fun. I've gone on several long walks with Gem (Ryan's roommate's wife) and some of her friends, and we've been having dinner together and generally having a wonderful time. It makes the weeks so much less lonely!

But here is my latest creation. I am addicted:

It's an apron! I adore it. I am deliciously pleased, and it was simple as pie to make! I have already got orders to make 3 more for wedding-shower presents! And the possibilities are just endless! Soon I will get up proper pictures.

And do you know, I have decided my next wishlist item is a dress form. That really would make life so much easier--plus, some of them are simply too picturesque! And I adore the picturesque!

And finally, I haven't done a playlist since the wedding! Here is my sewing playlist this week:

Saltwater Room by Owl City

Wouldn't It Be Nice by the Beach Boys

Always You by Sophie Zelmani

Be Still My Heart by The Postal Service

Way Back Into Love from Music and Lyrics performed by Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett

Love to everyone! <3

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MagistraCarminum said...

This is adorable. I can see making it for daughter-in-laws. Do you have a pattern or instructions to share?

And you're adorable, too. Praying for you!