Friday, June 18, 2010

"You would not believe your eyes...

...if ten million fireflies lit up the room as I fell asleep." Fireflies by Owl City

So, as you know, birthday celebration was last weekend. Here's the yummy double-chocolate blackberry/raspberry trifle and the blowing-out-of-the-candles. :)

Do you see that smoke?! I was afraid the alarm would go off! (Teehee) Afterwards, we went out and I caught my first fireflies EVER! It was so fun! I was very excited.

Then my friend Gus came over (She is only Gus because if we were Psych, I would be Sean and she would be Gus--she's the smart, sensible, calm one, and I'm the drama queen. :) We had fun.

Oh, and in case anyone would like it, here's the recipe for my very easy and delicious trifle:

Bake cake of your favorite flavor (I used a Betty Crocker mix of chocolate fudge) in round pans then let cool completely on separate plates.

Make one packet of 5-minute pudding in complementary flavor to your cake (I chose chocolate). Let chill in random bowl in refrigerator.

Measure bottom of trifle dish and cut one cake layer to size. Using a spatula, place cake layer in bottom of trifle dish. Pour in half of pudding (once it is set). Cut second layer of cake to size of trifle dish, and place on pudding. Pour second half of pudding on top of that.

Decorate top with berries or fruit of your choice--I did blackberries and strawberries.

I also made whipped cream to go on top, which is simply heavy whipping cream and confectioners' sugar to taste, beaten. :)

Good times.

Last night Gem and I went to her brother's house, and with his wife and daughter, Katie, we caught something like fifty! (According to Katie, we caught a hundred! Or at least sixty-five.)

Katie showing me a catch.

Our container o'fireflies. There were a lot more later.

Katie was devastated at a somewhat injured specimen. ("I think this one doesn't feel so good.")

Gem looking on as her sister-in-law explain to Katie why the tupperware container can't be the new home for the fireflies.

Gem and I after a hard evening's work of firefly catching. Picture by Katie (with a little help from her daddy).

In other news, it's Friday!!!! Ryan comes home tonight! I can't wait! Now I must go do grocery shopping...

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