Thursday, January 03, 2013

"It couldn't be...

...anymore beautiful." I Can't Take It In by Imogen Heap.

As promised, though a little tardy, here are my new year's resolutions! (See older resolutions)

1. Take a chill pill - I need to enjoy these precious time with my baby and husband, and not worry about if the house is perfect, if Christmas is put totally put away, and if the fishbowl is pristine.

2. Quiet times - I have gotten awful about being consistent since James was born and all the frequent company. I need to chisel out a good time in my schedule and stick with it!

3. Lose that baby weight - 'nuff said!

4. Meal plans - we've gotten much better about yummy healthy meals in the last two months (especially since my dear friend came and helped me set up some freezer meals!) but I seriously need to get organized in this area.

5. Socialize - I've become something of an agoraphobe of late, and that has got to stop (probably related to post-partum stuff). Not that there's a ton of socializing to do here, but even so.

6. Don't give up on crafties and sewing with the baby - I realize that the scheduling will be different and the level of commitment and extravagance in crafts has got to change, but I don't want to give up on creating!

7. Take pictures of James at least once a week - this isn't a problem yet, but I don't want to get used to my precious baby and look back and realize we skipped whole months of his life in photographic record! :P Perhaps it's not likely (knowing my family!) but just to be sure.

8. Get back into blogging!

So that's it for this year. Let's look at how we did last year:

-play more (check!)
-sleep more (check!)
-bathe more (double-check!)
-go outside more (Hmm, not so much)
-have her people be more obedient (Ha! Maybe not.)

-finish writing project (nope)
-work on family unity (definitely check!)
-devotions every day (mmmm, not with baby)
-Get in shape (ha! pregnancy definitely ruined that one!)
-complete Arabic and get my degree (woot woot!)
-Throw parties (nada)
-focus on something career-ish (change of plans there - being a full-time mommy now!)
-get a kitten (check!)
-sew dresses (I

So there we have it, 2012 definitely didn't go as planned, but I think it went better!

Here's to a new year of great surprises and surpassing expectations!

Much love!

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