Friday, July 27, 2012

"Come and roll your sleeves up (so to speak)...

...and pitch in, cleaning crud up in the kitchen." Happy Little Working Song from Enchanted.

Hello lovelies! Happy Friday, and I'm so sorry for another week of silence!

I've been doing all kinds of projects this week plus we've had doctor appointments and birth class and a plethora of other activities almost every day (catching up after our many trips!)

I don't have any linkage for you today, just a picture of the lovely tomatoes I canned this week - aren't you so proud of me? I've been showing them off on Facebook too...I am just tickled to be so homemaker-y! I sometimes feel like my talents are limited to more modern and expensive skills (like say, manicures) but it turns out I can do frugal things as well. :) My great-granma would be so proud! (I already called to confirm that my mom and granma are proud, which they duly said they were, bless them).

Have a lovely weekend!

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