Tuesday, May 08, 2012

"See what there is to see...

...life is just a melody." Breakdown by Jack Johnson.

While I was feeling so sick, our wonderful, angelic neighbor brought me a gorgeous bouquet from her garden. I just love it!!!

She is such a blessing! (And an amazing gardner - you should see her yard!)

I know I've bragged about this neighbor before, but really, I cannot sing her praises enough. She is so thoughtful and generous, and always such an encouragement! I walked out on our front porch the other day to find her filling all my flower pots with dirt, which she claimed she'd "bought too much, and had to put it somewhere." The next morning, I came out to see that she had planted all my pots with gorgeous flowers (because I'd mentioned the day before that I was bummed that I didn't feel good enough to do anything outside this year.) Unbelievable!

She keeps an eye on which days I don't open the curtains and get up and about, and she particularly brings over meals or goodies on those days - she really has the gift of mercy! I hope I can learn to be as good of a neighbor someday!


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Marianne said...

What a woman! So thankful that someone like that is there to help take extra care of you. :)