Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pregnancy strikes again.

Hey friends, I think I'll be out the rest of this week, though I'll try to pop in on Friday with some linkage trivia - I have a few I am really excited to share! But I have really been hit hard the last few days with "morning sickness" which I thought I was maybe past. Apparently not! 

Anyhow, thanks for everyone's love and prayers, and for my sweet husband who does all the work around here and enables me to lay in bed and watch Remington Steele and read Patricia Wentworth and Dorothy Sayers in between urping sessions. :)

Much love!

P.S. Irony was stretched across my tummy yesterday morning and felt her first baby kick. She jumped through the roof and watched my tummy suspiciously for the next thirty minutes from the relative safety of my thighs. >^..^< 

Irony, after the Traumatic Experience.

Never a dull moment!


Marianne said...

If the kick is surprising, just wait until the little bundle comes home! :) Our cat Harper pre-haired Adrianna's crib for her, while waiting for her to make her arrival. It was a good thing she wasn't allergic to cats!

Sparks said...

I suspect the little fella was having a good laugh at getting such a big reaction from Irony! Just wait until he learns to crawl and squeals while he chases the cats around the house! That's what we have over here right now, and it's hilarious!