Monday, May 21, 2012

"Don't worry baby...

..everything's will turn out all right." Don't Worry Baby by the Beach Boys.

Hello lovelies, and Happy Monday!

After much careful consideration and reading about a bajillion consumer reviews (and getting advice from mothers who have tried all the latest gadgets) I have finally got our Baby Registry up and running!

We've decided on a rocket/space theme, and I found lots of cute things that fall into that category! The neutral tone will be a nice soft grey, and other colors will be based off these sheets that I absolutely fell in love with. That gives us a nice yellow, orange, red, green, and two blue tones to work with. I was going to go with navy (and I suspect navy will still appear) but all the blues are in the same family, so I'm not worried. :)

There are so many cute out-space things right now!

Photo via Etsy

Photo via Land of Nod

Photo via Cafepress.
Ok, maybe the robots aren't technically rocket ship...but they are SO CUTE and the perfect colors! I keep seeing these cute little things (like the pillow above) and thinking, "I can make that!" :)

I spent almost all day Saturday tweaking the list prior to it's unveiling - I mean, not only do I want to choose good stuff for our baby, but I also don't want just pick stuff that costs a fortune! As you can see from the list, Ikea plays a significant role. :P I can't believe how expensive baby stuff can be! I mean, it's so tiny!!!

So yes, that's the big news around here. Other than that, I've got some kind of sinus thing going on with allergies, and so does my poor sweet husband, though mine has settled in my throat and his is mostly a runny nose. We have decided that humidifiers are the best invention ever of all time.

Much love!


The Minnesotan with the German-Irish Name said...

pssst... your baby registry link doesn't go to a baby registry.

Kyte said...

Hmm, I refreshed it, so hopefully it works now!