Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"You must look feminine, dress feminine...'re at your best feminine." Femininity by Hayley Mills.

Hello lovelies! 

Let's talk about makeup! (It's one of my very favorite things.) 

I've discovered some products that I'm obsessed with, but I want to talk about those later. For now I want to talk abouEstée Lauder

 Luckily for me (since makeup can be SO expensive!) my grandmother is a card-carrying (figuratively) die-hard Estée Lauder fan. She religiously buys her makeup regimin from the Dillards Estée Lauder counter, and though she's too polite to say it, I'm pretty sure she considers MAC, Mary Kay, and Bobby Brown to be makeup for the young, hip, undiscerning makeup-wearers of the world. She grudgingly allows Clinique into her makeup world, finding some of their cleansers to be better for her skin-type, but she blatantly prefers all Estée Lauder fragrances over any other brand.

My mother has more catholic tastes, and I remember many experiments finding the "perfect" combination of products from Mary Kay and other more exclusive brands down to the $.88 BonBon eyeshadows from Walmart. But Granma continued to buy her Estée Lauder and this meant she got SAMPLES.

Oh, how I love samples. Most of my makeup collection began as samples - and it accomplishes just what the strategic advertisers from these makeup companies want. I am addicted to my Estée Lauder staples. And I love the variety of colors I get to experiment with till I find my absolute favorites.

Irony loves to be with me when I'm putting on makeup.

In other news, the baby is making itself known!

15 weeks

That's all my news! I haven't really felt like figuring out clothes style posts, but I can talk about makeup FOREVER. The makeup aisle is my happy place, and I love experimenting till I find things I LOVE. I still haven't found a regimin that always works for me, but I'm getting steadily closer!

Anyhow, I hope you're having a great Wednesday! Love!

*My Eyeshadow sets are the "Sand Quad." "Sage Duo," which are no longer sold as such, and a huge combo gift set including Ivory Slipper Satin, Silver Bell Shimmer, Tranquil Moon Satin, Smoky Ember Shimmer, Candy Crave Satin, Polished Platinum Shimmer, Enchanted Forest Shimmer, Hot Cinnamon Shimmer, Peacock Blue Shimmer, Sugar Biscuit Satin, Amethyst Spark Shimmer, French Vanilla Satin, Wild Sable Matte, Nude Fresco Satin, Berry Burst Shimmer, Safari Green Shimmer, Tempting Mocha Shimmer, and Provocative Plum Matte, all of which can be found here


MagistraCarminum said...

You look beautiful, Em. And i'm not talking about the make-up.

Marianne said...

MAC happens to be my favorite. :)

I know you've been feeling crummy, but you sure look lovely.

Sparks said...

Emily! It would appear that we need to have a makeup party, so you can show me what on earth to do with this stuff!! Lol! And yes, I have all grocery store brand (gasp!) makeup.

But you never needed makeup anyway, so I guess it is a mute point... ;-)

Kyte said...

Haha, thanks everybody! Lol, I guarantee you haven't seen me without makeup since I was fifteen. :P Another product I want to feature later when I feel up to blogging again is an Oil of Olay product (grocery store brand - gasp!) but I have never sampled anything that rivals it. Much love!