Friday, March 23, 2012

"With your ear to a seashell you can hear the waves... underwater caves as if you actually were inside a saltwater room." Saltwater Room by Owl City.

Happy Friday!

Izzy, testing the air (Watching for "Hawks," or those huge wood-burrowing bees of which he's terrified).

Yay for weekends! Linkage trivia for those of you who, like me, would rather be on the brink of an adventurous roadtrip but instead are going to stay home, pay taxes, and look for things online to add a little brightness to your weekend!

Amazing & pretty party inspiration blog.
Love these faceted magnets.
"Shoes" for furniture!
Gorgeous kitchen shop. 
Super cute twiggy bobby pins.
Free market at work - a new, fabulous luggage service!
So sweet - handwritten notes into jewelry!



Marianne said...

The hand written love notes are a terrific idea!

Oh, and I love the cat nose shot.

the pink pixie said...

Aw I luvs his little nosey!