Tuesday, March 06, 2012

"More than fine...

...more than (bum-bum) getting by." More Than Fine by Switchfoot. (Flashback to your 90's youth group days? Anybody? :P)

Hello lovelies!

I am so excited about a special guest post coming later this week from none-other than my sister! She's got a fun hostessey post all ready for us that we'll be coming up on Thursday, so don't miss it!

My sister (far right), her husband and baby Meg (center) and our dad (left). 
In other news...

I have wonderful neighbors. I've mentioned this before, but really, wow. One neighbor regularly gives us food (the latest was an amazing homemade peach cobbler!) but another neighbor who we see less often showed up on my doorstep with some fresh, made-from-scratch fried apple pies. Oh. My. Word.

I wish I were a better neighbor but, I'm really terrible. I always take over desserts whenever I make anything (which isn't super often) and of course anytime they need furniture moved or stuff like that my sweet husband does it. And we do store runs and lend cups of flour and things like that. It's very chummy, here in our little strip of townhouses. I am inspired to be a better neighbor! I think I'll make some of these and take them around. Yum!

Whenever we finally move, I will definitely miss all our neighbors!

What are ya'll's neighbors like? Do you share food or visit often?


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