Monday, March 05, 2012

"But no amount...

...of vintage dresses give you dignity." Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift.

Happy Monday!

I am so obsession with off the shoulder clothes has finally collided with my obsession with Anthropologie!!! Now, if we can just lose the horizontal stripes...

In other news, I adore this (totally overpriced, ahem!) line of maternity clothes.

The Dinner Party Dress 
The Errands Dress 
The Coat

See? I love how simple it is. Everything I've found so far is all flouncy and not really my style at all. And fussy, which is the last thing I want right now when I am worried about my increasing waistline, constant nausea, and where I'm going to find my next ladies room. Obviously I don't need to hide a bump yet, but I'm still looking for things...which in my case is basically junior tunics or yoga wear.

And stuff. So yes, much love!

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