Thursday, March 08, 2012

"I've still got sand in my shoes...

...and I can't shake the thought of you." Sand in My Shoes by Dido.

As promised, here is my sister with a special guest blog about Entertaining Ideas and Party Dishes! Fred is a super-fun hostess and her kitchen is bursting with pretty things and fun colors that makes every visit with them a party. She is one of the most laid-back hostesses I know - even back in college you could count on her any time, day or night, for a nice cup of tea and a good visit, no matter what she was doing. And you won't find anyone better to discuss theology, literature, or history...I swear she remembers everything she reads! 

I'm honored that Kyte asked me to guest post! Today I'd like to share an idea to make impromptu parties a little sweeter: party dishes!

Last night. Last minute. I had just about enough time to straighten the living room, but it was either make brownies or do dishes, and I'll let you guess which won. All my everyday dishes were dirty, but there in the back of the cabinet were the old cobalt dessert plates I started collecting years ago. I pulled them out with some thrifted cobalt glasses. Bing! The basic movie night started to look like a party.

I find it helps to clarify what I love and want to find more of, and then only buy things that harmonize. Lately, it's jewel-toned pressed-pattern glass. I love that stuff, and any combination will look intentional and good to go. I don't spend much per piece and I can always add back in other dishes for more guests. This look is less formal than, say, a full set of the same china pattern. You can do the same thing if you like all white and crystal, or all pink and green, or whatever. Having a theme also makes your cabinets look well curated, which is very important if you plan to post pictures on your blog.

Anyway. I love the idea of having signature dishes for my events. You don't need an endless stash; nobody minds drinking out of the same color glass two parties in a row. I also love the idea of using them only sometimes, so they don't get worn out everyday or get dropped by toddlers or, alternately, waste valuable shelf room. 

Have fun!

Some of our favorite stores to visit for dishes are Pier 1 Imports, World Market, Clovis Antique Mall, Jackalope, Anthropologie, or TJ Maxx.


Marianne said...

Ooh, I do love those cobalt dishes. My recent fav has been milk glass. So fun to find pieces for a next to nothing. Love to you both, sweet ladies!

Pinon Coffee said...

Ooh, milk glass! Pretty!

Kyte said...

Oh yes! I want to get my mom to do a feature on some of her pretties - she's started collecting antique butter pat dishes that are SO PERFECT for dips or storing jewelry in or all kinds of things!