Saturday, March 10, 2012

"I like smoke and lightning...

...heavy metal thunder." Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf.

Happy Weekend, lovelies!

Double-decker kittehs. Irony's rolling her eyes at Izzy being such a ham.
I apologize for not getting this out sooner, but yesterday was definitely one of my worst morning-sick days so far (and by "morning sick" I mean "always sick".) I hope everybody enjoyed my sister's fun post the day before! I love it! I hope to feature some "sister posts" in the future, but that may have to wait until after the first trimester.

And here's a bonus picture because I feel bad about being a day late with this post.

Izzy passed out with Tigger. I, meanwhiles, read the entire Harry Potter series this week as I was too tired to do anything useful.
Speaking of Harry Potter, I am amazed at some of the beautiful themes Rowling wove into the story so seamlessly - truths and lessons so integral to goodness in the created order that, even such a godless universe as the Harry Potter universe, cannot be escaped. Things like loyalty, sacrifice, friendship, forgiveness, remorse for evil, and a true hero protecting those weaker than himself. I do not agree or endorse everything Harry Potter...but Rowling certainly has my respect as an author. I wish I could write that well.

And now, to the part everyone has been waiting for...

Linkage Trivia!

Lovely decorative lightbulbs
I desperately want to get these for my kitchen!
Awesome idea: this lady makes stuffed animals modeled off kids' drawings!
Sounds sketchy to me: edible spray paint?
So amazing "snow walking" art.
Real-life dragon found in Indonesia!!! (Smaller than I anticipated...)
Loving this ivy bike lock.
Favorite (ok, one of the many favorite) Alice in Wonderland quotes.

Much Love!

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