Friday, February 24, 2012

"In this world I lock out all my worries and my fears... my room." In My Room by The Beach Boys.

I am obsessed with the Simply Shabby Chic collection at Target...and under the current circumstances, I've been looking into the baby collection. I LOVE them! I'll have to find other options if it's a boy, but if it's a girl...

Simply Shabby Chic for Target Baby Patchwork Candy Collection.

Simply Shabby Chic for Target Baby Cherry Blossom Collection

Simply Shabby Chic for Target Baby Lady Rose Collection

My favorite is the Cherry Blossom one.

And now, Happy Friday!

These are some clever Smartphone Apps for personal safety.
For the serious chocolate lover.
Some amazing barista Coffee Art.
I love looking at these sweet (and amusing) old photos and captions.
I need to utilize this for my craft room!

Much love!

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