Monday, February 27, 2012

"I'll make you banana pancakes...

...pretend that it's the weekend now." Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson.

Happy Monday!

Not that this will surprise anyone, but I am hugely obsessed with food right now. The next few days (weeks...months...) may have more food features than we're used to, but...that's not so bad, right? And yeah, so far, predominantly BARBECUE has been my craving of choice.

Right now, these recipes are making my mouth water...and my tummy rumble.

Chai-Spiced Apple and Pear Sauce (Slowcooker recipe!) - Recipe and Image via Design Crush

Cream Stovetop Mac n Cheese - Recipe and Image via Annie's Eats

Veggie Fried Rice - Recipe and Image via Annie's Eats
I'll have to do my own versions soon as I feel up to it...and share the results with ya'll. (Btw, I follow Annie's Eats on my reader, and I frequently find good, basic, DELICIOUS recipes there. I highly recommend her blog!)


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