Friday, February 10, 2012

"I'm gettin' bugged drivin' up and down the same old strip...

...I gotta find a new place where the kids are hip." I Get Around by the Beach Boys. <3

Happy Friday, lovelies! Finally, the cats are sleeping and there is peace!

Izzy dozing.

Irony dozing.
And, of course, your weekly linkage trivia:

Totally adorable fancied-up globes.
Historical 3-D pictures?! Who knew?
A site of lovely kitcheny things.
Yes, watching Downton Abbey looks just like this.
Forget a magazine subscription, get a Good and Lovely gift boxes every month!
I love this remake of vintage punchboxes.
Thinking of friends in Mongolia with this amazing ger setup movie!
I never will get over my obsession with Edith Head. Her autobiography is adorable.
Already wishing I could go to the 2012 Balloon fiesta...or maybe just hang out in Abq.

Have a lovely weekend (teehee)!

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Marianne said...

The Good and Lovely boxes look just ... lovely! Have you subscribed?