Thursday, February 09, 2012

"A dream is a wish your heart makes...

...when you're fast asleep." A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes from Disney's Cinderella.

I get very excited about some things.

I get excited about things like lip gloss, kittens, and flowers, and surprises, and Kirsten Bell*, and Cinderella. If Kirsten Bell* dressed up as Cinderella, wearing lip-gloss and brought me a bouquet of flowers and a kitten as a surprise I'd probably die and go straight to heaven, right then out of the thrill of it all. Ask my husband and he will tell you it is true.

Thanks to Twitter, the amazing social interactive media tool, I can un-creepily stalk some of these things that make me happy. Ok, maybe not really SOME of these things...maybe just Kristen Bell*. And may I say, I do not tweet at people all the time, like, I literally never had til the other day. Then she said something about taxes and being the outspoken conservative that I am, I had to say SOMETHING.

And guess what?


So I know I'm supposed to act like gorgeous and talented actresses who are hilarious and star in my favorite detective tv shows tweet at me all the time but...I was excited. Like, so excited I called three friends and screamed at them.  Ok, actually, it was only one friend, but I screamed a lot. And she screamed a lot.

All that to say, I found a clip about Kirsten Bell* having a sloth meltdown (you'll see...) and I laughed so hard I cried.

There are a lot of possible explanations for why I laughed until I cried.  It is possible that it is as funny as I think it is. It is also possible that I just get a huge kick out of Kristen Bell* and anything with kills me because she's so spastically cool. There's also a slight possibility that I completely identify with her in this clip...which may also explain why I love Kristen Bell* so much.

Anyhow, here's a little segment about Kristen Bell's* Sloth Meltdown when her boyfriend got her a super-thoughtful birthday gift.

So, now you see why she is so awesome.

This is sort of like what happened to me, only in my case Ryan took me to Disney Princess Presents "Dreams Do Come True" on ice for our one year anniversary last year. I couldn't stop crying for like an hour. And he kept getting me a Tinkerbell snowcone and a Micky Mouse Lemonade to make me feel better...and I just kept crying harder. He was like, "What did I do wrong????!" Nothing, sweetheart, you did perfectly.

When I saw Cinderella come on I started crying again, btw.

Do you guys handle surprises better than me and Kirsten Bell?

<3 Much love!

*Btw, I don't endorse her entirely; there are certainly some mature and inappropriate parts she's taken or things she's done...but overall I am a huge fan and I'm not ashamed. But be warned - not all her stuff is family brand content.

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