Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"They're the sweet things I remember...

...when each year in December I see Christmas candles on a Christmas tree." Christmas Candles by The Andrews Sisters.

Ah, Christmas. I love this season. I just weep and weep when I hear the Andrews Sisters sing any Christmas songs. Ok, any song. Oh, Johnny just kills me!

Speaking of classics, I am just in love with the paintings of Holly Farrell. I love her soothing colors, the soft lighting, retro subjects, and her exquisite skill. I chose a few of my favorites off her site below, but if these aren't enough to give you a massive girl-crush, check out her site and I'm sure you'll find something you love!

All photos from http://www.hollyfarrell.com/

Aren't they just so sweet? I wouldn't mind a few of these scattered about the home. I hope they brightened your Monday!



Pinon Coffee said...

I love "Oh, Jonny!" too. But then, I also love Jonny :-D

Marianne said...

I could go for a pair of those yellow shoes!