Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Oh the weather outside is frightful...

...but the fire inside's delightful." Let It Snow by Dean Martin

Photo by my Mumsie.

Let's get down the the chilly, shall we?

As the saucy and adorable girls over at Hello Giggles were discussing today, I too suffer from being chronically cold. Although this syndrom does come with the benefit of always getting extra cuddles from my sweet husband (and a pathological horror of all things vampiric because of their lack of body heat...GO TEAM JACOB! Oops, did I say that out loud?) this malady is not all hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows.

Although you may think this is merely a cute ploy for attention, we cold-blooded girls are suffering, people--suffering! It doesn't matter what the thermostat is turned to...if it's cold outside, I'm COLD.

I literally spent all day yesterday wearing leggings under flannel pajama bottoms, a long-sleeved thermal tee, a fleecy robe, fluffy no-slip socks, slippers and a scarf I pretended was a headband but was actually keeping my ears warm...and on top of that, I sipped no less than 4 cups of peppermint tea, 3 mugs of hot cider, and 2 cups of coffee. Irony sat on my lap for an hour, and I think that was the only hour of the whole day that I didn't shiver perpetually. There is nothing less cute that fluffy no-slip socks AND slippers, people. Also, having to go to the bathroom sixty times in one day because of all the hot liquids you are drinking to keep warm is somewhat counter productive.

So cold!
Irony taking pity on her frigid human.
And it hasn't even snowed yet.

Anyone else feeling the same way as we enter this frostbitten season?

Here's some of my favorite ways to beat the only bad thing about Christmas time...WINTER!

1. Hand Warmers; 2. Heart Warmer Hot Water Bottles; 3. Candles (image from; 4. Amish Fireplace  (if you can't have REAL fire, this is the next best thing...); 5. Bubble Bath (photo via

Ok, I'm off to go put on another pair of socks. Love!


Anonymous said...

I agree! I'm totally freezing. :)

Ma'mma said...

oh, I'm so sorry dear. I had no idea you were another coldie. I always say I freeze up at the first chill and don't thaw till spring.