Friday, November 25, 2011

"Here comes the sun...

...and I think it's all right." Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles.

Hello lovelies! While my sister was here, we decided to go do a little Black Friday shopping. We stayed out of the city (we chose life) and I think we did quite well! I found this adorable little mock-cloisonné scale in an antique store for $4.50 (why? because it's AWESOME, and perfect in my living room).

My super-cute sister relaxing, unawares of my sneaky picture-taking. :P

Also, I got a dress in one of the department stores for only $3.50. So many fun ways to wear these little jersey numbers! Love it!

And now...time for our weekend linkage trivia! Here are some things I've been adoring lately.

Adorable Mexican embroidery reupholstered chair that I want for my craft room...

Gorgeous Liz-Taylor/Cleopatra inspired Design*Sponge commentary and design inspiration

Adorable Stop-Motion Music Video using 288,000 Jelly Beans

Such the cutest diy jar storage idea. I can't wait to try it!

Bee-yoo-tiful pear tarts that I will have to try for one of our "staying in" date nights.

Vintage Craft Party - I must throw one!

Totally Fun Dear Santa Notes

Pretty "New England Thanksgiving" inspiration shoot - ours looked nothing like this. :P

And finally...This Super-Cute Advent Calendar! I can't wait to get ours together and start on it this week!!!

Have an amazing weekend! I hope you got good Black Friday deals and were not trampled (or, alternatively, I hope you stayed safely away from all the crazy mayhem!)


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Ma'mma said...

thanks for introducing me to Kina Grannis - I love her music. Is she a Christian? she sang for a Relay for Life. Thankfully using her gifts for good things.