Saturday, October 08, 2011

"Come my little friends... we all sing a happy little working song!" Happy Working Song from Enchanted.

Hello, lovelies! I almost forgot - Happy Weekend!

So, as I said before, we spent our "weekend" doing projects around the house! I am super excited about the progress we made, but there's still so much to do! However, I've blown my decorating wad and I need your creative help to solve some of my remaining problems!

Other than the blank wall here or there (which will fill in time, I'm sure!) I have a narrow, fully enclosed stairway with very, very, very blank white walls. Now, ideally, I'd get some of this to fill it in, but gracious, who can afford it?! And our landlord prefers us to do nothing permanent to the walls, so that is a little bit limiting.

Right now I just have these pathetic, tiny little pictures and a board at the top of the stairs...which is infinitely better than nothing, though it's definitely weak. I have other places for all of these items if something PERFECT shows up for the stairs...but they fill the void, at least. Ideas?!?!?!

One of the main projects this week was our "entertainment center!" We had a very ugly old coffeetable, laminate and pressed wood (ick) that Ryan had got from a moving job. I love, love, love, our makeover! Especially with the khaki-green couch, the room has a lot more pop now! 

As you can see, we also painted the shelves with our movies. And our TV trays. Coming soon, matching throw pillows. Again, very bare walls. These are basically the last bare walls in our house, and I am plumb out of ideas. I used up all my vintage posters around the top of the room (making it seem a little less dauntingly, starkly WHITE), and then of course my play posters are framed over the couch, there. But there has to be more. You see, I finally found a room in which to channel all my vintage movie energy. I have my first-edition film clips from Lord of the Rings in here, and our Titanic Adventure Pictures, and all my Audrey Hepburn things...but they're all small displays, and the price of frames just adds up!

It will come, no doubt. Maybe I'll find an incredibly HUGE movie poster from something. Maybe it's time to bring out the stand up Frodo! (Yup, still have him...somewhere.) Any good sources for awesome vintage movie memorabilia for super-duper cheap? Or free?

Finally, my third dilemma.

Yes, that is a laundry basket full 

You see, we have these fun little items - nerf guns, jumpropes, army men, slingshots, random fun things...all for whenever kids come over (which, surprisingly enough, they do...). What I want is a super-cool toy bin to put these in! Something that is a nice piece of furniture - useful would be nice, but mere decoration is also acceptable - to put it in. Like a hollow ottoman (only we don't need another ottoman for the TV room...) or tall thin table (like this but less stuffy) or a treasure chest!!! And the chest I have now (currently acting as coffee table in the living room) is full of linens because I don't have a linen closet. 


So now, for your perusing pleasure:

Short List of Things I've Seen and Loved for Dramatic Wall Decor
(but decided against for various reasons) 

But anyways, that's the scoop from here! Sometime when the lighting is good I'll try to get pictures of all our lovely accomplishments and the decorating masterpiece that is my home (haha). 


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Anonymous said...

hm,I'm not too good at wall decor. :) I like the repainted coffee table. :)
Btw, I couldn't get any of your links for decor to work. But even, something like a nice tall basket would be better to have the toys in.
Can't wait to see you!!! Love!