Friday, September 30, 2011

"I could've stayed beside you...

...could've stayed for more." One of These Things First by Nick Drake. 

This is the final feature about my trip to the homeland, so after this, we'll be back to more recent stuff!

It was such a good trip - I flew out with my sister and niece, and we got to see not only my parents, but cousins and grandparents and great-aunts and uncles as well. It was SO special!!! It was a bummer that my dad had to leave for most of it and be at work while we were with the extended family, but we still got to see a good chunk of him and mom at the beginning and end of our trip.

Three monkeys. Me, cuz, Fred. :) (Photo mine)
"Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil" (Teehee, I love how my cousin is totally peeking. That is SO her!)

Mumsie and Grampa (Photo mine)

Me and Grampa. He's the best! (Photo mine, by my mom)

Mom, Grampa, Fred, Meggles, Granma. (Photo mine)

Grampa, Fred, Meggles, Granma.
As you can see, Meggles was basically the main attraction the whole time. For obvious reasons.

Oh, how I love my family! I always think of that verse in Psalms where David says, "Lo, my heritage is beautiful to me." Beautiful indeed! I hope someday we are closer to some of them. Next month I see my sister and niece again - and my new family at a wedding! It'll be fun, and hopefully we'll get some good photos from that too.

Much love!


MagistraCarminum said...

Love that you're posting these photos, Em! I love your family, too! And Meg is getting SO big!

Miss you all-

The Minnesotan with the German-Irish Name said...

I LOLed at the typo in your second-to-last paragraph. I'm so sorry I can't resist pointing this out: I really hope your dear sister has just a few more years before Miss Meg becomes a man attraction.

Kyte said...

HAHA! Thanks for pointing that out! Lol, I hope so too!