Thursday, September 29, 2011

"And I can see a little house...

...up on top of the hill." Winding Road by Bonnie Summerville.

One of my favorite things about my mom is her "need to know." She's a journalist, you see, and even though her only current media outlet is the church newsletter (which I hope someday to introduce to the web, because it's awesome) it's so much fun to go anywhere and do anything with her, because it always ends up being an adventure! 

For example, as we were driving through Melrose (A Little Village With A Big Heart), mom sees this little old abandoned building with walls falling down, and you can see right through it. Naturally, being the inquisitive type, she decided we'd pull off the road and look!

Melrose - celebrating 100 years. (Photo mine)
Abandoned church/school (Photo mine)
 It clearly used to be a church or one-roomed school house - maybe both - and as we pulled up closer and got out in the oven-like heat to look at it, there was something sweet and serene and extremely peaceful about it.

Through the front door and window--see the roof beam fallen down?
We didn't go in--the floor inside was completely collapsed. (Photo mine)
 We scattered to take our various pictures, and it was a strange sort of feeling about the place. Not sad, like some abandoned buildings, just empty. Dozing-like, and fulfilled. It gave one the feeling of a job well - done, and a sense of contented accomplishment, and now it would like to be left in peace, thank you.

"I love you" graffitied inside. On another wall it said "The end is near" (Photo mine)
So we took our pictures and headed back to the car to continue through the desert.

Desert. (Photo mine)

Meanwhiles, back in comfortably air-conditioned car, my niece missed the whole thing.

Meg. (Photo mine)

Speaking of peaceful! Nothing like a sleeping toddler. Gotta love that kid!

Much love!

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Anonymous said...

pretty building and cute Meggles! How in the world did her neck not snap?? lol