Friday, February 11, 2011

Shameless beg for support:

Hey, friends!

Sorry I've been gone so long--I promise I'll resume regularity again soon!. But for now, I need your help!

Ry and I put together this video for the Reel Love Challenge, a program the Ruth Institute is putting on to promote strong and lasting marriages in America. If you follow the link and hit "like" on that website, we might have a chance at winning! Ry promised me a cruise if we win, so I'm shamelessly promoting it. :)

Thanks for ya'll's support! The video is pretty much me giving some goofy narration of a sweet (true) story of my grandparents and the heritage of love and commitment from our families. You'll see the gorgeous deconstructed scrapbook my mom made of her side' ancestral wedding photos, and of course, Ryan and me being super-cute as usual. :P

Whenever I think of my heritage from my family, I am reminded of what my great-granma used to say to freak out little kids:

"You know, you've got garments and ancestors on your back!" :P

Much love, and thanks for you're support!

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MagistraCarminum said...

Adorable, Em- just like you.

Can't wait till you can meet MY Em :-)