Saturday, October 09, 2010

"Now it seems...

...I've got my head on straight." Stay Home by Self, off the Shrek Soundtrack

My sister and I had a little miscommunication the other day.

Fred called me up with a work question (we have the same job, reviewing the work of individual actors and actresses for family-friendliness, so we often consult one another when we hit a new issue).

"So, I'm rating this girl," she says, "who has a role where she's a girlfriend to some guy in the military--National Guard or something."

"Ok," so far I was tracking.

"So the girl tries to make him desert. How high would you rate that?" she asks.

I was confused. "She made him dessert? I wouldn't rate it at all."

"No, really!" She thought I was kidding. "Would you give it more than a 3? Her boyfriend was supposed to go to Iraq, so she kept trying to make him desert!"

"Ummmmmm," I tried to buy time, my mind racing to figure out why my sister thought baking cakes for soldiers going to Iraq was not family-friendly.

"To Mexico," my sister added helpfully.

"Oohh," it all came clear. "Well, not only is it morally wrong, but it's also illegal. I would probably give it a 4 like any perpetrator of a non-violent crime." Then I explained my confusion.

We had a good little laugh over that.


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