Thursday, October 07, 2010

"By order summer lingers through September... Camelot." Camelot performed by Richard Harris.

Hello, friends!

So here we are, in our new little town. It's sweet and friendly and quiet.

We (My husband, myself, and Irony) are staying at a quaint little motel ("little," is a key descriptor) which we will call "Dreamland" for the purposes of this blog. All the new troopers who needed temporary housing for this post are here, which ended up being Gem and her husband (who we will call "Sterling") and two other guys who graduated with my husband, (Sig and Sandyman), and are also working this post. Its been kind of like college all over again, having buddies next door and always something happening. :) We each have different pieces of kitchen equipment (I have a mini-fridge, a microwave, a hot pot, and a coffee-pot.) and ideally, we would switch back and forth so that we can all eat reasonably normal meals...but we usually end up missing each other at meal times and just using what we've got (which in my case isn't half-bad) or we are all so tired and sick of "in-room" food, we all go out to Betty's Ok Country Cookin'. So good--and the waitresses all know us already.

The motel certainly isn't ideal (tiny rooms, old furnishings, no 3-prong plugs, no non-smoking rooms, no wireless, and did I mention small?...) but we're doing good, and the biggest issues have been living with the cat in such a small space. She's getting pretty stir crazy. Other than the lack of wi-fi (which was a big disappointment to me) the other imperfections at the hotel have been easily overcome--via candles and febreeze and our own things to make it homey--and the ladies who maintain and clean are just precious. Except for the carpet and normal wear that comes with age, our room is up to even my standard of cleanliness...and ya'll know that's saying something! And as for wi-fi, only one block (walked or driven in a matter of minutes) is the Cafe on the Square, which boasts delicious handmade drinks and sandwiches, a spacious seating area, soothing atmosphere and...wireless! Also McDonald's has wireless, and I have actually been going there to sit in the little "cafe" area, which has comfy tall chairs and tables, FOX news on 24/7, and now they have the monopoly game, which entertains me greatly. Oh, and I work, with the wireless. Sometimes. Other times I just bask.

In other news, the house hunt is going well. We found a five-bedroom, two bathroom townhouse that is supposed to have ridiculously wonderful utilities. "Five bedrooms," you may ask, "is that really necessary?" Not really necessary, but delightful in all it's possibilities? Yes. Here is my ideal layout:

1 - Master bedroom, for which we already have lovely furnitures. The main question here is decorations, which I am looking forward to with great anticipation.

2 - Guest bedroom, for which we also already were given lovely furnitures (Decorations not at all in question here. I'm quite excited about how cute it's going to be--I have a quilt and everything!).

3 - Office/equipment room for Ryan--you have no idea how much stuff he's got for this new job. And it's all bulky and official and in some way unsafe for the cat to be around. And this can be a nice, quite man room, all void of touches of femininity and with nice manly fixtures and paraphernalia, which he already has, but has nowhere to put. I'm pretty excited about this, too.

4 - Office for me, since I actually could work from home. Again, decorations are a question, there are simply so many options!

5 - Media room, similar in to the movie room in our old house.

Also the kitchen, though rather small, has a nice counter-layout, and there's the aforementioned living room, as well as a balcony and back porch. <3>

Anyhow, we are officially moving in tomorrow!!!

Updates and pictures soon!

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