Friday, June 11, 2010

"We can make her dress so pretty...

...there's nothing to it really." The Work Song from Cinderella.

I designed my first dress!

And up close the back: (notice the one tiny button at the top :)

and the front up close. :) I love the buttons. <3

And yes, it is pink. :P

I've also finally mailed my brother-in-law his graduation present! I was kind of proud of it: dish towels with appliqued republican elephants! :)

Also, for my wonderful husband's birthday Irony and I have been doing birthday things. >^..^<

The shirt is one of his presents from me--it's a sharpie shirt that he probably will NEVER wear...but have you seen Night At The Museum 2? My favorite line in it is when The Thinker, a character in the museum, makes muscles with both arms saying, "BOOM! BANG! Firepower" then poses. It cracks me up every time (my sister-in-law does the best imitation of that EVER.) But I always think of my husband and his marvelous muscles, so I made him this shirt. :P

And all the birthday things...

Irony investigates birthday things...
Cute picture of Irony...
Exhausted after all her work.
The pretty birthday set-up. :)
This is NOT going to end well.

:) It's been a good week.

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