Saturday, January 23, 2010

"I said I wasn't gonna lose my head...

...but then POP goes my heart!" Pop Goes My Heart, by Hugh Grant from Music and Lyrics.

Hello friends. I've gotten lots of questions about my sanity in this somewhat crazy busy time, and I'm just here to assure you that I am maintaining. Not that I'm doing a perfect job of it (the roses the Fiance sent me to cheer me up are proof that I have had at least one bad day...) but I think we are keeping our little noses above the water.
For any other brides out there attempting to stay sane in the middle of this craziness...or anyone who is stressed, I'm going to share a few of the things that keep me grounded and (mostly) happy. Some serious, some...not so much.

First: Bible study and quiet times.
This one is most important. The Bible study I'm doing is a book my pastor recommended (the Fiancee is also going through the book with me) and it is so good because it is helping me remember that we're dealing with a marriage here--not just a big party. Besides that, the quiet times are so good because it is a time to push all these details out of my mind for a time and center on something else that is much more permanent than a single day...and also helps me remember what marriage is all about anyway.

Second: Organization and Display
I know organization can be over-rated, but for me, it's crucial to have lists of everything and schedules written down. And I can't do any of that digital stuff either (though I use it as supplement and aides...) but I need written, paper, physical copy of things so I can flip through and remember what is going on. And I like to have stuff to scrapbook with later. :)

Third: Things that Sparkle.
This includes my darling "little girl" chandelier...
...and my my many sparkles that I have been wearing every single day...
...and other shiny things like lipgloss...
...and of course, my lovely ring. :)

So yes.

Those are my fabulous tips for today. Stay tuned for more...:P

No but seriously.

Tomorrow I go to a wedding expo in Abq, and then Monday it's meetings with some of my wonderful helpers who I haven't gotten to talk to yet and guestlisting, and by Tuesday I hope to be smacking down the invites so that by WEDNESDAY...I can be actually ready to call on some of the sweet people who have offered to help out!

Ok, off to sleep, because I'm going to early church tomorrow..

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