Friday, January 15, 2010

"I don't know where to start...

...say I'm tired or throw a party." It's Good To Be In Love, by Frou Frou

All right, lovelies. Today is a day of momentous decision.

I have decided to make some belated New Year's Resolutions in reference to The Wedding. (For the hopefully very small number out there that doesn't already know, the wedding date has been set for a mere 70 days from today--March 27th.) Here they are:

I will NOT:

-stop blogging because I'm too busy planning. I love seeing peoples' weddings as they plan them, and I'm going to assume you do too. I may not ALWAYS talk about wedding, but then, I just might.

-have the wedding of the century. Too many perfectly nice weddings are ruined by this attempt.

-freak out when things go wrong. Everything goes wrong, it's like a law written somewhere. The weddings where things don't go wrong are weddings with planners, and they DO go wrong, just the planner is the one who sees it. For goodness sake, I've BEEN a planner, and I know!

-stop wearing makeup until the wedding. Some days, maybe. But just because the fiance isn't here to see me, doesn't mean I have the right to scare the little children.

-cry and moan because I don't see my boy every day. Admittedly I feel like it. I also feel like not getting up in the morning. What's the point? But I have it really good, and by golly I can't be a whiny little baby--if I'm old enough to get married then I am old enough to deal with a month or two of separation.

-be bridezilla. Enough said.

...and since resolutions can't be only what I WON'T do...


-put up pictures and ideas to document the work in progress. Momma scrapbooks; I will blog. More people will see the blog.

-make it mine. This is my wedding and I do have a personality of my own and this wedding will include those special little touches that are because I like them, and for no other reason.

-keep perspective. Some things are worth being concerned about. Some things are not.

-maintain other areas of life besides the wedding. I will not stop maintaining my physical needs nor, and this is more important, my spiritual needs--I will grow closer to God through this, and not just coast.

-miss my boy. Why bother trying not to? I miss him terribly, and I intend to lap up this beautiful melancholy by taking advantage of the romantic opportunities available only through distance--what other times will we have to write horribly mushy love letters?

-put my foot down. This is, after all, my wedding.

So there, that's the momentous decision I came to today.

Oh dear, the cat is about to fall off my dresser and take a mess of makeup with her....


MagistraCarminum said...

Lovely resolutions, Em. You go girl, nd let me know how I can help you!

Marianne said...

Sounds good! Let us help you when we can. :)