Sunday, December 27, 2009

"I've got a jewel set sayin'...

...I'm sittin' on top of the world!" On My Way by the Proclaimers

Well, loyal readers, I have great case you haven't already heard via sighting, facebook, text, phone call, email, or another form of communication...

The Boyfriend is no longer the boyfriend. He is now the Fiancee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, dear me yes, and I am SO excited!!! Soon I will post details, but for now I will let photos tell the story. The first set are pre-engagement (by a few days).

The next set are of The Rock (not the one on my hand, you understand) that TiFi and his darling wifey, Niffy and the Beautiful Director and Mr. Finney painted to commemorate the Fiancee's and my engagement while we were home for a wedding. It was a such a nice surprise!

TiFi painting the rock.

TiFi walking up to my car about to make fun of me not realizing why I was driving out to the gas station next to The Rock.

The back of the amazing Rock.

The side of the amazing Rock.

Me and The Fiancee in front of our fabulous Rock. :) Thanks Finneys!

Proposal Story to come soon.

I am SO EXCITED. This is such a sweet surprise! I had no idea, six months ago, that I would be planning a wedding with the most amazing man in the world and the love of my life before 2010!

And speaking of big sweet sister, Fred, and her husband Balesey are still waiting on Georgie (the baby) to appear. I will post with pictures as SOON as humanly possible after she arrives!

But in the meantime, I got to be with the Fiancee for 16 days in a row--which is a record for us and was simply marvelous. Also, the parentals are out here with me staying in my apartment so as to be nearby when Georgie is born. We had a lovely Christmas together--first Christmas Eve when I got to be with The Fiancee's family, then Christmas Day with Momma and Daddy and Fred and Balesey and The Fiancee all together. Except for a ridiculously uncooperative turkey, it was perfect.

Isn't it ironic?

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