Monday, November 16, 2009

"Man, you really freak me out...

...I'm so afraid of you." Freak Me Out, by Weezer.

I got home this morning from my weekend visit to the Boyfriend and his family, and emptied my car of luggage and various belongings that have begun to pile up. I found that garbage had also piled up, so I cleaned that out too. The sun was out, the air was warm and calm, the leaves smelled mouldy, and the squirrels were out frolicking...


So I took my little bag of trash to our dumpster in front of the apartment, and as I toss it in, I saw movement out of the darkness and a rabid squirrel leapt at my face, causing me to scream and jump back about six yards in one bound. The squirrel, equally surprised, got a face-full of my trash, which knocked it back into the dumpster. About half a second later, the furry little lunatic rocketed out of the dumpster, ricochetted off the lattice that partially hides it from view, bounded toward me, screeched to a halt, did a 180 and flew toward the tree line, away from me.

As I slowly returned from defibrillation, I furtively glanced around to make sure no one had see that. Naturally someone had. Leaning doubled over from silent mirth, my neighbor, the Guardian (who is ALWAYS WATCHING in case you ever do anything embarrassing like that), was gasping for breath over my squirrel episode. I yelled over to him that a squirrel jumped out at me. He slowly stood upright and nodded, tears streaming down his face, and he yelled back, "Yeah. I saw that."

Oh, me.

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Marianne said...

Oh, to have a YouTube video of that. :)