Friday, November 20, 2009

"Cuz you had a bad day... care but don't lie." Bad Day, by Daniel Powter

Yeah, just like you might suspect, this is about a bad day. Really, it's not THAT bad, it's just...oh, I don't know...ironic?

So, the Boyfriend had more job testing in Kentucky yesterday, so we took a super-quick nine-hour-each-way drive out and back again, leaving Wednesday, staying with friends, doing the test Thursday morning (was that really only yesterday?!) and driving back afterwards. I got home around 10:00pm, so he got home around 1:00am, poor thing.

So that isn't so bad, I mean, he did really well on the tests (praise the Lord!) and we always have fun together. we talked and listened to music and played the bug game (he won Wednesday and I won Thursday) and we got to see some of his friends and it was all lots of fun, if a little exhausting.

But yes, the point is, it was exhausting.

And we both had to work today.

I had to make an 8:30am meeting today (which I did!) about a "kick off the holidays" parade, and he was moving furniture. So, this morning, I forced myself up, got ready, prepped for the meeting, and made my way downtown to the parking garage where I was supposed to also decorate a golf-cart parade float after the meeting.

As I waited behind a car at a stop sign, in sight of my parking garage goal (with seven minutes to spare getting to my meeting!) the 8am rush was slowing, and a train rumbled down the tracks to my right. In front of me, the lady turned right onto the road to wait out the train. My garage was to the left, so I pulled up, and checked traffic both ways...only to have the woman in front of me reverse back into the side road I was on and BACK INTO my truck.

Why? I have no idea.

My sturdy little Toyota definitely won that fight, as her back light was shattered and her bumper was totally bashed in, and I just had a scrape and a dent in the side panel of the bed of my truck. I hopped out the look at the damage, and she pulled over (I thought she was driving away so I noted her license plate but thankfully she just pulled over a little up ahead) and she started swearing and groaning about how she didn't have time for this, she couldn't believe this, what the #%@$ was I doing, etc.

I waited for her to calm down (how was this possibly my fault?) and when she finally ranted that I'd better have insurance, I told her I did have insurance. This seemed to pacify her somewhat, and she started telling me how she's running so late, she's just so late, she can't wait for the police to come...and she made as if she was going to leave. What do you DO when that happens?

I got her business card and gave her mine (and looked at her damage and mine) and she drove off. I parked my truck thirty feet up in the garage (Where I'd been trying to get all along), walked into my meeting with seconds to spare, sat through it, then promptly ran back to my truck and called my dad and cried. He made it all better, of course, helped me find the insurance phone number, and I walked out to the corner to read what the street name was for when I called the police to report it.

On my way to the corner, I ran into the owner of the parking garage, who I had met previously. We chatted for a moment, then I told him about my fender-bender. He was very sympathetic, and took me to the little guard shack at the entrance and we checked the videos to see if he had feed of that corner. He didn't. But he did let me use the phone in there to call the police (since my phone would route the call back to New Mexico) and insurance.

The police agreed that getting the information from the woman was the best thing and since no one was hurt and we both seemed to have insurance, it was fine.

The insurance lady was very sweet and sympathetic and agreed that the backing into me thing was bizarre.

During all these phone calls, the parking guard was sitting, listening. Among other things, I told the insurance lady the license plate of the car (a vanity plate that appropriately enough included the word "BLOND") and the guard turned to me and said, "did you say [license plate of the car that hit me]?"

I said yes.

She described a woman and asked if that fit the description of the lady who hit me.

It did.

She opened up her phone, pulled up a contact and read the phone number. "Is that the number she gave you?" she said.

It was.

She gaped at me and then laughed a little saying, "I know her, and she don't have a driver's license right now, and that's why she didn't want you to call the police, I'll bet."

Oh, me.

And I was worried that she would somehow try to blame me for the accident since there weren't any witnesses!

So now I have to run do all the little things that were put off by this KY trip and finish decorating the float on. I am SO looking forward to next week, hiding out with my Boyfriend and his family and just being peaceful.

But God is good, I'm fine, my truck really isn't awful, and no one got hurt. Today will be done soon, and tomorrow will only be better. Never a dull moment, eh?

I don't know, it just seemed sort of...



Abbey W. said...

Hey, I didn't know you had a blog! awesome! You make me laugh with all of your adventures! :)

MagistraCarminum said...

Sending hugs, and looking forward to seeing you soon. Tim and Nikki will be here for Marit's wedding, too! Hurrah! Then we can all check out the BF...