Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Baby all I need for you to know is...

...I'm like a bird." Like a Bird by Nelly Furtado.

Hello, lovelies! I just fell in love with more blogs. I was meandering through Snippet and Ink like I do every so often, and I found these two sites, simply bursting at the seams with pretties!

First is The Bride's Cafe which has all kinds of ideas and links and resources on it. I love finding websites that are fun and easy to look at...not stark and computer-ey. This website reads like a magazine. :)

Off that website I followed a link to Jennifer Carroll's Blog which has all her projects and gives me hope for my wedding planner business someday. Oh, didn't I mention that? Lol, yes, like all my other grand plans, wedding planner is one of those "someday...that would be fun" ones. Think about it. You dress up all cute, wander around planning a party, making reservations and ordering cakes and shopping and things and design all of this around people's personalities. What's not to love!? But I don't think I could do that cold turkey. I suppose I ought to find another wedding planner and apprentice first. I mean, I've done weddings before...but for friends, and usually on a ridiculously tight budget, and I suspect a business of those things would be...different.

So. That's my update today. Perhaps tomorrow I'll go back to noting current events for you. :P I just find our political scene rather grim, and depressing. And I'm already enough of a Eeyore these days without adding politics to my list of things to think about.

Isn't it ironic?

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