Friday, May 01, 2009

"Take the shackles off my feet... I can dance." Shackles, Mary Mary. 

Liberty Ball happened again this year. I was really disappointed all spring because people were coupling up for the dance since January...and no one asked me. I decided, since it was my last Liberty Ball, that I was NOT going to just stay home and mope. I bought the most ridiculous pink-icing dress, bought my ticket, and purchased some costume jewelry and silver shoes. I arranged to tag along with Olive (the Greek goddess) and Aria and their bfs. (Photo below l-r, of Thalia, Myself, and Aria)

Two nights before, a few of us were sitting around doing homework (I was writing my second-to-last college paper!!!) and the conversation turned to Liberty Ball. Several people came out of a class and joined as in this conversation and one of them, Storm, asked if I was going, and if I had a date, then he very sweetly asked if I would go with him. (I said yes.)

So, two nights later, we went out to dinner (still with Thalia, Aria and co.) and had a lovely time. He started out very well by giving me flowers. We danced almost every single dance, though not all with each other. At one point we were doing Fred Astaire type stuff and Storm hopped on to a chair...but the chair collapsed. Fortunately Storm carried it off with aplomb.

We weren't completely sure how to get back to school after the dance, so we pulled out a map, closed our eyes and pointed and went home that way. It ended up being through Middleburg, Delacour, and Upperville, famous for colonial homes, two auto-repair shops and a particularly attractive cemetery, which we drove through. (Picture of Storm, myself, Bella's date and Bella, and my roomie and her date.)

All in all, it was a lovely evening. :)

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