Monday, December 15, 2008

"You change your mind... a girl changes clothes." Hot n Cold, Katy Perry

I'm writing a personality analysis paper for directed research and writing and part of that was having a selection of people take the DISC personality assessment test, as well as taking it myself. It's an interesting system, with four basic personality types that may or may not be the same for your basic or "natural" style and your responsive or "adapted" style. Most people who took the assessment have the same or complimentary types for both styles. By "most people," I mean, "everyone but me." Of course I have the two polar opposites for each, with the runner-up being semi-compatible. The only thing I didn't score highly in was "dominance." :P

This actually makes a lot of sense. I have always wondered why I get energy from people yet I also need much time alone to "recharge" emotionally. I can hold off on that alone time as long as I have to, but the moment I'm alone, it hits me how exhausted I am. And I love adventures and surprises and details, but I also love security, reliability, and despise details. Under stress I am pessimistic--except when I'm overly optimistic. I'm gabby and friendly and excited and trusting except when I'm quiet and shy and non-emotional and aloof.

In other words, I contradict myself.

Isn't it ironic?

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