Monday, October 20, 2008

"I stand on painted tape... tells me where I'm going and where to throw my cape." Opera Singer, by Cake.

So here is some pictures of what I've been doing lately: (Controlling my cast's lives, of course...)

Einstein's face meets Jonathan's fist (accidentally, of course).

Jonathan and Einstein hiding an invisible body.

Our Cast Mommy making coffee for us in the back.

All the gang, with Jolly Berry standing in for O'Hara

Elaine and Mortimer getting their flirt on.

"Don't let Jonathan get me!" Elaine shrieks, attaching herself to Teddy.

Aunt Abby, Elaine, and Mortimer are perturbed.

Teddy glares sternly at the director.

Einstein hides from all the noise.


Isn't life ironic?

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