Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Sunday Monday...

...Happy Days!" Happy Days Theme Song from the TV series, Happy Days.

My computer screen is all fixed, and I'm finally all moved in and pretty well caught up on my homework, so now is an excellent time to catch up with you all here in the blogosphere. Hi!

There have been a lot of things worth writing about in the last week or so since I last wrote, so I'm having trouble collecting my thoughts enough to really get into one subject. I'll begin with a quick recap of the last week's activities.

Momma and I arrived at school and I quickly signed in, started imposing my stuff and presence on my dear roommate, Jolly Berry, and did all those nit-picky little things that one has to do when they move. It all flew by very, very fast indeed, and before I knew it, I was dropping off my mom to stay with some friends who moved here from home who would take care of getting her to the airport the next day while I was in classes. Very sad. I am not a huge fan of goodbyes, especially with my mom, who is definitely my best friend.

The next day, classes started. Eek! Busyness! Homework! Papers! Assignments! New Professors! New Ideas! Lots of other things flying up and down and all around and into my face, flapping their noxious little wings making me sneeze. Which eventually turned into a full-fledged sinus infection which I am affectionately calling, "the green goblin."

So, long story short, we had a deliciously free snow day where I played all day in the snow and watched a movie. I also met up with Angel Face and Mr. Where? and we taught Angel Face, who is from a warmer clime, how to drive on the snow. We went to a parking lot in Mr. Where?'s car and practiced slipping and sliding and we had lots of fun with the parking brake (which was AWESOME!) and the experience turned ourselves into the three musketeers. We are still bickering over who is actually who, but we three are all for one and one for all, regardless.

The three of us also spent the next evening hanging together. We went to Costco and ate their delicious pizza. Mmm. We also took The Kid. It was so much fun.

The night after that (we're up to Saturday) we all went Swing Dancing, which was also ridiculously fun (I hadn't yet really gotten sick--but by the next morning, the green goblin was definitely a reality). Both Mr. Where? and The Kid are marvelous dancers--though I was dancing with someone else (a guy who actually teaches dancing) when some random person from the Washington Post asked if he could take pictures of us for an upcoming article. We were like, "uh, sure." and he took billions of pictures while we danced. Awkward. Of course my partner was very good, so it was no surprise that HE was chosen as the subject, though as for why the one dance I was dancing with him was the one which apparently "stood out" to this reporter, I'm not sure. We had on complementary colors. Maybe that was it. Brown tones. He was going to email us pictures--hopefully he does, it'd be fun to see.

Sunday was delicious. I studied a little, and rested a lot, and slept some--and unpacked a little more. Very restful.

Monday started in a mad rush. Classes went well, and the day flew by, as did Tuesday, and here we are on Wednesday, all ready to do it all over again. This semester is going to absolutely soar past me in a blur of color and laughter. I've already laughed more in the last week than in a very long time--and I love to laugh. Mr. Where? and Angel Face keep me on my toes, I can tell you.

I'll try to find a good picture of the three of us and put it up in a future post.

Oh, and the new Buzz-Phrase is, "you have nice lips." (You'll have to ask The Kid.)


And isn't life ironic?

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MagistraCarminae said...

It's about time- I've been waiting for your post! Sorry about the green goblin :-( And see if you can post a link to the story your photos get attached to. What fun! Your best friend had a great time, but brought the green goblin home with her :-(
Miss you!