Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Look at this photograph...

...every time I do it makes me laugh." Photograph by Nickelback.

(Home as we left it--SO MUCH SNOW.)

(Crossing the Rio Grande)

(Camel Rock)

(Sweet Tea. Nectar of the gods--even from McDonalds.)

(Nod to Elizabethtown. Someday I'll do it out a plane window instead of a car.)

(Big cross at Groom.)

(I love how they advertise every single town you pass through in OK.)

Here are some pictures from our roadtrip so far. It's been fabulous--we started out with a selection of soundtracks, like Garden State, I Am Sam, and Elizabethtown, then we rocked to Muppets and Veggie Tales, then eased back into something resembling our normal mature status (ha) with Shrek and some crooners--Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr.

I like Dean Martin the best of the Rat Pack crooners, I think--though my all time favorite will always be Bing Crosby (not a rat-packer). Tomorrow we're going to go through American classics, like American Pie, Rockin' Robin, and various big band albums.

As we drove, we also listened to Rush Limbaugh for HOURS--or however long he was on. On commercial breaks we would discuss whatever he'd said in the segment before. It was lots of fun. Hillary got lots of abuse, as did Obama, Huckabee, Thompson (dear ol' Fred), and Romney. Liberal women in general also figured prominently. Yech.

It was "hillary-ous" to listen to the clip of Hillary saying, "It's just so hard!" and then we stepped in to a Walmart to pick up some snacks and see that Shrek the Third was on. It happened to be playing the part when Arty (Justin Timberlake) was whining to Merlin--"It's just so hard!" Momma and I looked at each other and nearly DIED laughing. Oh me.

Other than that, it's been a pretty slow day. Nothing earth-shattering to report.

I love roadtrips.

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