Sunday, August 06, 2006

Make new friends, but keep the old... is silver and the other's gold.
After going off to school and coming back again, and then getting ready to leave once more, I've come to treasure the friendships that have lasted in spite of my constantly not being in one place. This picture is "the debaters" which is how we originally got to know each other--through speech and debate.

We always have a New Year's Party at our house with them. They always have deep discussions and arguments and we end up playing Apples to Apples, or Quiddler, or (our all-time favorite) Pass the Pigs. They're so much fun.

Somehow, a political theory major, an engineer, a physicist, a literature/teaching major, and a straight English literature major seem so unlikely to be close. But we are.

Isn't it ironic?


A Wanderer said...

Who are they? One of them looks familiar (and the guy with the hat kind of resembles Quinn).

P.S. You look stunning!! I am absolutely in love with the "new" you. (of course, I still think you're beautiful even in the morning after a bad night's sleep) :)

A Wanderer said...

I'm going to be seeing you soon and I'm just sooo excited!!!! :)