Thursday, June 15, 2006

My name is Puss...

...In Boots.

Cats really are quite brave, aren’t they? For instance, when they see something scary out the window at night, a human reaction (at least my reaction) would be to run hide under the covers, hoping the doors are all locked, or to find someone and cling to them for comfort. Not so a cat. A cat my flee from noises, but when they see the enemy, be it coyote, dog, or other cat, it does not flee, it does not cower, it hisses and howls and throws what is aptly called a “hissy-fit.”

Why does it do this? Perhaps a cat is unafraid when it sees an enemy because of the feline self-confidence. Perhaps it has to do with a cat’s ability to “stay and fight then run away and live to fight another day.” Still though, we see that cats are afraid of what they don’t know—loud noises they don’t understand, humans they haven’t been acquainted with, and yet this fear, even the fear of a vacuum or some other such noise, is not the cowering fear humans sometimes experience. It is the hate-fear, the fear that says, “someday, when I’m able, you’d better look out, because I’ll find out where you sleep and then you won’t be safe from me.” It is similar to the hate-fear a tyrant inspires in those he tyrannizes. The reason that so many tyrants create their worst enemies is because of this fear that one day one of those oppressed victims will rise up and take out all their pain on the oppressor. Is a cat feeling this oppression? Is it seeing the unknown threat as a thing which “while you aren’t afraid of me now, as soon as I get your home address, you’ll be sorry for all your mouthing off.” As I said, cats really are quite brave.

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