Monday, May 01, 2006

The show must go on!

In looking at my last post, it occured to me that people always want to be entertained. Ergo, acting is probably a good bet for a constant job also. Unfortunately for those of us who aren't born with connections and drop-dead beauty, there are always too many applicants for that type of job. Surely, surely there's a place for me somewhere.

In Harvey Girls they sing, "The trains must be fed, the trains must be fed--come lightning, come thunder, come hail, come sleet, come Donner, come Blitzen, the people gotta eat." Which makes me think that food service is also a job that will always be available. I've done that one, honey, and I was thrilled when it was over.

Back to acting, then. But one thing that does occur--if I can't be content now, can I ever be? I mean, if my circumstances effect my happiness to the degree that I can't rise above them and be joyful anyway, there will always be something keeping me from being happy, because there's just no chance of perfection in this world.

Hence, while acting would be my dream career, especially with the few tastes of it I've had, I shall be content whether I am working in a grubby Subway making sandwiches, doing yardwork for the lady down the street, or working at a CPA firm, even though I am not mathematically inclined.

Keep thinking through your ironies.

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