Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cinderella, dressed in yella...

...went upstairs to kiss a fella...

Cinderella is my favorite Disney princess. My friends back home all have their "signature" princess--Belle, from Beauty and the Beast: Jasmine, from Aladdin; Aurora from Sleeping Beauty; and so on.

My darling friend whose princess is Belle sent me a care package my Freshman semester at school that was a "Royal Princess Kit." It was full of Cinderella stuff, including a photo album with princesses on the front "For a princess to remember;" some chocolate for "when the kingdom isn't behaving;" and among other things, a glass slipper. It was a little four inch plastic wedding party favor, in reality, but it still meant so much to me. Still does, as a matter of fact. I have it on my desk, next to some other knicknakcs, and it always makes me remember that she (the friend who gave it to me) loves me, and also, as we always reminded eachother, that I'm a princess in the Kingdom of God, and He loves me and thinks I'm beautiful and is letting me go through my adventures so that my prince will have the perfect excuse to sweep me off my feet--as soon as I've learned the lesson from the adventure.

This semester one of my other friends, not from home, sent me another package. It was full of other darling Cinderella things. (And a card that said, "Friends...Good Friends...Great Friends...Weird Friends...I think we know which ones we are..." :-) It had Cinderella stickers, a magnetic Cinderella paper doll (That is displayed proudly on the fridge) and a "Lucky little love frog." This was a charm that I had carried around for about a year before I came to school. It had a poem with it:

The Lucky Love Frog
This lucky frog charm
will help you find
the perfect man
who's smart, handsome, and kind.
Keep him close to your heart
any day or night
until you find prince charming
or at least Mr. Right!
I had presented it to her as a gift when she left school and I had a boyfriend. She sent it back to me with the note saying this shall become a tradition, to send our little froggy back and forth. :-)
Thank God for good friends, inside jokes, and darling traditions!
Life may be ironic, but sweetness and sunshine still happen.

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