Monday, September 12, 2005

The question is not how much time we have...

...But what we can do with the time we are given.

I was very encouraged today in Chapel. The gentleman who was speaking mentioned at one point that we were the Christian leaders of tomorrow. We’ve heard that so many times, but he went on to discuss the question of whether “one man” can really make a difference. He told us that aside from Jesus being one man who definitely made a difference (but He’s God! That’s not fair…) there were also people like Hitler (definitely made a difference, a bad difference, but a difference) and Martin Luther King Junior. They all made a huge difference, and they were only “one man”.

This reminded me of in Harry Potter, the first book Olivander said to Harry when Harry got the sister wand to Voldemort. Olivander said “He-who-must-not-be-named did great things. Terrible!—but great…I think we can expect great things from you.”

Another thing our speaker said was that the people who change the world are rarely the people the world would choose. The blacksmith who really never did anything heroic suddenly goes off and saves the lady fair, or in Redwall, how a mouse, or even a teenager can win the war for them. They become the warrior, the hero. And everyone gets to fulfill his dream. The little mice who want desperately to become warriors when they grow up end up doing precisely what they want. Even though it seems sometimes like they’ll never get there. The passion and the desire to do something will be put to good use—only just be sure that you aren’t squandering your gifts now. Be building you character, taking advantage of opportunities, and that way you will be ready when the opportune moment arrives.

Isn’t life ironic?


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