Wednesday, February 05, 2014

"I see Jesus riding on a white horse...

...hero calling from the sky." White Horse by Earthsuit.

As Christians we will not get a fair hearing in the public square - or anywhere. Every discipline, from Politics to Science to History to Literature will ignore, disparage, mock, and illogically refute any argument we put up, even in a “fair” debate. 

And that is ok. 

We must continue to speak truth and trust that the Word of the Lord will not return void. We must fight the good fight and realize that we probably won’t draw in swarms of adoring fans, hanging on our every word like the enemy does--though I hate to use the term “enemy;” I would prefer “opposition." Yet an enemy is what he makes of himself, the man who sets himself against Truth, Scripture, Virtue, and all the other things he mocks as irrelevance or ignorance. 

It is easy to be discouraged at this constant barrage. Don’t be.

Even our so-called friends and allies turn on anyone who dares speak out against the wrong and the evil and the lies, whether out of fear, or a desire to be inoffensive (which comes to the same thing) or being mislead or misinformed themselves. These “friends” attack their own without even the consideration they would give the opposition because they consider it housekeeping at best, or cutting out a cancer at worst. 

We try to respond gently, to form our arguments in a winsome and sweet way, and to speak “truth in love” as the saying goes. Our enemies have no such qualms, and the “friends” mentioned above lose any vestige of that when it is “one of our own.” And so we continue to lose the debate, be shoved out of sight, and told to keep our silly, foolish, old-fashioned, weak thoughts to ourselves. 

How comforting to know that God uses the foolish and weak things.

Remember, sons and daughters, we are pilgrims in an unholy land. We are not playing a game, we are not dabbling in an intellectual exercise. This is a battle, in a war, in enemy territory, and it is to the Death. We are not merely discussing hypotheticals and strategy. Though our enemies (and “frienemies”) deny even very struggle in which we are engaged, they lie, for we are in a fight, with real tactics of backstabbing and horror. 

But do not despair, and do not give up. Though there is terror and sorrow and treason and hurt--though we be maimed and torn apart and abandoned by our allies--there is also hope. There is courage. The sun will rise after the dark, and the Great Warrior himself, the Word, the Truth will be on a shining white horse and we will find that by Him we were never abandoned at all, and the battle will be won. 

Take heart and continue to speak truth despite the response. Hearts will be won, and the fight will end in victory. 

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