Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Sent from up above... are the one I love." Endangered Love from Veggie Tales - Silly Songs with Larry.

Hello, lovelies!

The big news around here is, our old (um, only 2 years?!) blue-ray/dvd player died, so my sweet husband scoured sales and web deals and found us a new one! And this one is ever and ever so much better. One amazing upgrade...Youtube, straight to our TV!

But why do I care so much?

Because of this channel!

That's right, instead of exclusively watching classic Winnie-the-Pooh (which is still his favorite, by the way) James has branched out to Veggie Tales! So now when we're tired of rumblies in our tumblies, we can switch to water buffaloes, Barbara Manitee, and Kilts and Stilts. Previously, a computer was hooked up to the TV for this, but the full screen feature didn't carry through a playlist.

It is very heartwarming to see my 10-month old dancing and singing gibberish along to the Veggie Theme Song--his favorite.

Another exciting development with our little baby-face, is that he has stopped chewing on his board books and realizes that there is a story that goes with them. He brings me books to read him now, and sits and watches and turns pages. And he spends a good amount of time just flipping through them on his own, which completely delights me! He especially loves his "Touch and Feel" books (one Winnie the Pooh and one Beatrix Potter) and any of the Sandra Boyntons that have a song associated with them. (He just doesn't get tired of mom and dad singing Perfect Piggies.)

So that's fun. It's so exciting to see him comprehending more and more every day!

This isn't just impacting his playtime (but who am I kidding? It's all playtime). He's also developing in response to Mommy and Daddy telling him things. For several months now, when we would say "No!" He would freeze - pausing in what he was doing - and then we could get over to wherever he was and take the cord out of his hand, pull him away from the DVD player, pull the cat's tail out of his mouth, etc. Also, we'd taught him to not grab at the spoon when we fed him, roll on the changing table, and other simple things like that, and he reliably could be expected to obey.

But in the last few weeks, Jamesy was getting into EVERYTHING and doing all the stuff we'd so painstakingly taught him not to do! It was like he'd totally forgotten, and we started to question if he was really old enough to comprehend it anyway. But at the same time, his comprehension was rocketing up in other areas, so we decided to just consistently correct, explain, discipline--and the last few days have almost reverted back to his prior level of obedience. He's still prone to try to do things he knows he shouldn't...but I know he knows, because he watches me when he starts to reach for, say, an electrical outlet, and when I say no, he smiles and rolls away as if to say, "Yeah, I figured." So I suppose he's just testing us, bless his sinful little heart.

And now when we say, "Yay, good job!" he claps and says "Yay!" along with us. Which makes eating very cheerful, as I praise him frequently for eating well and neatly. And when that palls, we start singing Barbara Ann. It works for everybody, but let's just say we won't be going to any quite and fancy restaurants any time soon. Unless they have a special cheering section.

So that's the news from "Helm's Deep," as my mom calls our little estate.  ;)


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